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Praise for 25 Truths...

"25 Truths is an incredible guidebook for managing your life with simple truths to incorporate into your daily life. These truths are highlighted by scripture and real life stories about how the author used those tools (truths) through his life journey. This is a great book to read for yourself as an adult, but also buy for your children or grandchildren! After reading this book, as you go through your daily life, you are reminded of these truths and are better able to mold your actions according to those truths. What could be a more powerful gift to a loved one, then the tools to make them a better person?" -- Tony Clark, Chillicothe, MO

"Twenty-Five Truths is a very insightful book. The author, Ed Douglas, has been inspired to place into words a guide for living a happy and fulfilled life. Much like the book of Proverbs, 25 Truths will aid the reader in his or her discovery of the two ultimate gifts, wisdom and understanding, This is an inspiring book for individuals of all ages but it would particularly be a great gift for a graduation or for young people in their first several decades of life. Too many people spend their lives thinking that success is determined by how much money they make and how many possessions they own only to find their lives to be joyless and unfulfilled. Books like 25 Truths help us to realize that success and happiness are much more about the principles that we live our lives by and much less about the money we accumulate. Twenty-Five Truths : Life Principles of the Happiest and Most Successful Among Us is composed of 25 chapters, each only a few pages long. It can be read in large segments or as a daily reading. Each chapter's principle is based on Holy Scripture or a familiar quote and then expounded upon with examples from living in today's world. As a familiar saying goes, 'the cost of the book is fairly minimal but the knowledge gained is priceless'." -- Dr. David Neal, Chillicothe, MO

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"Wow, what a great book! As an outreach pastor, I have counseled many people dealing with problems that have all been addressed by these twenty-five truths. We all could have avoided mistakes in our lives had we followed these truths consistently. Ed has done a great job using scripture, famous quotes, and his own personal stories to illustrate each truth. I believe this book is a must-read, whether you have it all together or if your life is falling apart. We could all use the wisdom that we will gain from Ed and begin applying it to our everyday lives." -- Brent Reeter, Outreach Pastor, Cornerstone Church, Chillicothe, MO

"I think this book will be a success and those who read it and apply its messages will be enriched physically, mentally, emotionally, and most importantly, spiritually. I believe the hand of God is upon it and its author, Ed Douglas." -- Rose Lee Davis, English Teacher (Retired), Chillicothe High School, Chillicothe, MO

"Truth number nine in Ed Douglas's new book is 'Remember, little things can make a big difference.' This truth applies not only to life, but also to Ed's book itself. Ed has zeroed in on the truths that are practiced by the happiest, most satisfied, and most fulfilled people among us and has wrapped them in a concise, powerful package. This is a great read that reminds us of what is important in life." -- David L. Sallee, PhD, President, William Jewell College, Liberty, MO

"25 Truths is an invaluable guide for anyone who desires to become a better person and to live life to its fullest potential." -- Stan Shaver, Associate Pastor and Administrator, Word of Life Church, St. Joseph, MO

"25 Truths is an experience-tested guide to successful living for people of all ages, persuasions, and stations in life. In addition to being highly readable, it is highly believable in large part because the author, Ed Douglas, walks the talk. This book is perfect for group discussions in a workshop setting or personal meditation, or both." -- Dean L. Hubbard, PhD, President Emeritus, Northwest Missouri State University, Maryville, MO

"It is my privilege to recommend 25 Truths. Ed is a shining example and a wonderful mentor of life skills. My two sons are better people because of Ed's influence. The truths in this book are proven out in a life well lived. I have a multi-layered relationship with Ed. He was my banker. I am his pastor. My sons played on his tennis team. Now, Ed's son is serving as an intern at my church. Ed's truths are more than theories; they are proven principles. Everyone will greatly benefit from reading and applying these truths." -- Stan Saunders, Pastor, Cornerstone Church, Chillicothe, MO

" I first became aware of Ed Douglas's twenty-five truths in 2008. At that time, it was a three-page list that Ed had compiled and titled "Life's Truths" or "25 Tips for an Enjoyable Life." He shared the list with friends, acquaintances, and students that he coached as the head high school tennis coach. As Ed coached the team, he sought to get to know each of the boys and to share the insight of his twenty-five truths with them. At the time, my family was a Rotary International host family for a German foreign exchange student who played on Ed's tennis team. I knew from dinner table discussions with our exchange student that at each daily practice Ed would introduce a new truth to the players and quiz them on the previous day's truth. Through this repetition, he worked his way through the list, simultaneously teaching a lifetime sport and a life fulfilling lesson. He was not only teaching the young men how to improve their backhand, he was helping them strengthen their character. Our dinner table talks turned into reviews and discussions of Ed's list. Several times over the last few years the list has come up in discussion and all our selected truths have been reinforced as dictated by particular life situations. I had a copy of the list on my desk for quite some time before finally moving it to a file folder and each of our grandchildren has a copy. If you sort through the materials in our kitchen, you will find a copy there, too. In 2008, Ed shared his list with the Chillicothe leadership class. It was about that time that I began to encourage him to make the twenty-five truths his third book. It took repeated encouragement over the last two years to get Ed to develop his list into the book you are holding today. I encouraged Ed because I believed his ideas had value, I believed he was a true example of the type of success that is achievable through living and practicing the twenty-five truths, and I believed the twenty-five truths needed to be shared widely. In your hands you have the twenty-five truths. Now, what do you do? Read them, share them, discuss them, and live them! This book can be a blueprint for you as it has been for many others. If you allow it, this book will help you live a successful life." -- Steve Holt, Director, Northwest Missouri State University Small Business and Technology Development Center, Chillicothe, Missouri

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